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Triogen is a leading ORC supplier that has successfully incorporated world class technology into a reliable standardized innovative product.

Our mission is: "We are passionate to develop and deploy innovative waste-heat recovery technology to address the energy and environmental challenges of our planet and to serve our customers; we enjoy turning ORC technology into a large commercial success."


Triogen's vision: "By 2035, Triogen will take ORC technology to the level of success that turbo chargers showed over the last 40 years: become a standard feature of combustion engines, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. We make this happen by offering great value to our customers today via add-on solutions to engines and other heat sources, as well as developing engine-integrated solutions."


Triogen was established in 2001 and its major shareholders are Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw, Yellow & Blue Clean Energy investments, founded by Nuon - Vattenfall and Wadinko N.V.


The development of the ORC was done in cooperation with partners which include Lappeenranta University of Technology, the University of Technology in Delft, the University of Twente, the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and a number of other knowledge institutions.


Triogen is active throughout Europe in conjunction with various partners. The business operates from it’s premises in Goor, the Netherlands and employs 17 full-time highly educated commercial and technical staff.