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The ORC’s origin can be traced in the following timeline:


The Triogen ORC technology is based on the widely known and proven Rankine Cycle principle.


Triogen was founded by Professor Van Buijtenen with the idea of furthering this principle’s development, so that it can be applied in a commercially viable product.

The development of this Triogen ORC technology was started in cooperation with the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland.


Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw participated in Triogen and became shareholder.


Based on the partnership with the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, the first experimental model was developed (owned by Triogen).


Technical optimisation and the practical implementation of the experimental model were designed together with Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw, and development was moved from Finland to the production facilities of Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw.




This partnership resulted in the installation of an experimental model for duration tests at a landfill site in Groningen, the Netherlands. These duration tests lasted for 1½ years.


The duration tests resulted in a standardized installation which is a pilot run consisting of 5 units. The 5 pilot run units have undergone duration tests in a variety of application areas since 2008.These tests eventually resulted in the standardized WB-01 version which can be used in a number of application areas.


In 2010, the participation of Yellow & Blue Clean Energy investments which was founded by Nuon - Vattenfall, took place.


The end of 2010 saw the commercialization and international launch of the first projects abroad.


By 2012 Triogen has developed into an established business with a reliable product, having more than twenty references, 17 full time employees as well as distributors servicing a number of countries.


In 2006 we started duration tests with our prototype at the Stainkoeln landfill site in Groningen, the Netherlands.