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Future Biogas and Triogen inaugurate Triogen’s first ORC power plant in the UK

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Future Biogas and Triogen inaugurate Triogen’s first ORC power plant in the UK

Future Biogas – a leading UK-based biogas plant developer and operator - and Triogen – a leading provider of ORC power plants – opened the first installation of an ORC power plant at the Oak Grove Renewables site in Norfolk, England with special guest, deputy Dutch ambassador to the UK, Margriet Leemhuis.

The Oak Grove site operates a 2 megawatt electricity producing Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in Scottow, Norfolk. Anaerobic digestion is the simple, natural breakdown of organic matter into biogas (carbon dioxide and methane) and organic fertilizer called digestate. It is a similar process to that which takes place in the stomach of a cow. Applying Triogen´s ORC technology to the plant will increase the electricity output of the plant by up to 10% without additional input material. The ORC power plant converts the - otherwise unused- heat from the engine into electricity through technology also used in larger power plants.

As well as the celebrating the commissioning of the ORC, the event also featured a discussion by industry experts on “the future of efficiency and cost reduction in AD”.  Charlotte Morton, CEO of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) stated “bioenergy based energy generation is an important contributor to achieving the UK’s emissions targets. Government and industry need to work together to reduce the cost of bioenergy based energy generation. I believe that significant cost reductions are possible and turning heat into electricity, as demonstrated by Oak Grove and Triogen, is an important piece to this puzzle. We encourage the government to continue the dialogue with this industry to realize its potential.”

Philipp Lukas, CEO of Future Biogas, the company that developed the Oak Grove Renewables site, stated “We see that more can be done to optimize performance of the biogas plants. We are pleased to work with Triogen as they offer a mature solution with long track record and very high efficiency levels. This allows us to build an attractive business case while reducing the overall cost of generating power from this site.”

Triogen´s CEO, Henning von Barsewisch, pointed out: “Our technology is a contribution to making decentralized generation more affordable which will be an important factor for reaching the politically agreed emission targets. Converting the excess heat available from a biogas plant into electricity reduces the cost of producing power from the plant by 5%. Thus, we offer a key technology to making biogas more cost effective.”

Margriet Leemhuis emphasized in her speech that this project is a showcase of the successful cooperation between the Dutch and British businesses. With the market entry in the UK, Triogen is now active in 11 countries across Europe.

About Triogen

Triogen is a leading ORC supplier converting residual heat from industrial processes into power. When applied to digesters, landfill sites, diesel engines, wood burners, furnaces, etc. the Triogen ORC produces valuable green electricity. It currently has installed about 40 units that typically reach 97% availability and have accumulated over 500,000 operating hours. Together with its partners, Triogen offers a host of products and services to its customers that range from application specific heat recovery solutions to service and maintenance as well as attractive financing options.

About Future Biogas

Future Biogas was set up in 2009 to develop, construct and operate biogas plants across the UK. Our first plant was completed near Norwich in 2011. We now employ a skilled team of over 50 people, and have 8 operational plants with 2 under construction. Working in close partnership with local farmers, our plants operate on a range of locally sourced biomass feedstocks, generating clean, renewable and reliable energy.