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Triogen has developed the Triogen HTG in-house, all other components are developed in conjunction with Triogen’s preferred suppliers.

The Triogen HTG or High-speed Turbo Generator consists of:

  • A housing
  • A turbine
  • An electrical generator
  • A pump

All the components are placed on one shaft, which means that the turbine drives the generator and the pump. No gears are used; the rotational speed of the generator and pump is equal to the rotational speed of the turbine. The housing is a hermetically sealed unit. The HTG is exclusively designed and built by Triogen.

The bearings are lubricated with toluene, so no separate lubrication system is used.

The housing of the HTG is constructed in such a way that in the unlikely event of a breach, any parts that may dislodge will remain inside the HTG housing.

HTG connection to the Triogen ORC

The main connection from the HTG to the Triogen ORC system is a flange.

The other connections are made by way of hoses. This enables a complete HTG to be replaced within a few hours.


Designed and built by Triogen, the HTG is the key component of the Triogen ORC